Aries Pet  - March 21 - 20 April
Ruling planet: Mars
Most desirable qualities: Loyalty, trust, spontaneous, fearless
Negative: Impassive, risk taking, impatience
Physical characteristics: Active, energetic, prone to headaches and sun strokes
Favorite color: Red
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Leo, Libra
Less compatible with: Cancer
He is a born leader! The Aries pet has vitality and so he needs a lot of space and a lot of action in his life. He is smart, quick to learn, proud, loyal and ambitious. He will fall in love easily and will be very emotive. The Aries pet is organized and will like to have his walk and diner at the same time every day.

*Possesses an enormous amount of energy Prefers to be alone rather than associate with other animals.
*Very insistent on what is wanted and outwardly expresses same.
*Often hits or cuts head and/or gets burrs or thistles in head area.
*Often projects head forward and/or makes unnecessary motions with head.
*Does not always obey and/or is difficult to discipline.
*Bleeds easily
*Has reddish hue to skin tone or fur which is not necessarily characteristic of species or breed
*Enjoys fighting with other animals and is known to integrate confrontations
*Has bitten owner more than once
*Is always very enthusiastic or excitable
*Loves to break away from the "home front" and often runs non-stop
*Is very alert
*Has a bad temper
*Does not sleep much
*Has an overall personality which is quite aggressive
*Tends to be very impatient
*Is extremely impulsive...frequently moving or jumping up abruptly
*Is loud and boisterous
*Enjoys running...or galloping, hopping, slithering, etc...forcefully and non-stop

Taurus Pet - April 21 - 20 May
Ruling planet: Venus
Most desirable qualities: Steadfast, kind-hearted, stubborn, patient, affectionate, persistent
Negative: Jealous, greedy, possessive, resentful
Physical characteristics: Strong, powerful
Favorite color - Green
Most compatible with: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer
Less compatible with: Pisces
Taurus pets won't hesitate to protect you. They like to be in control and are extremely possessive with all their belongings, including their owner. They are very obedient pet and will do everything they are asked to do. They love to live in their comfort and luxury. Make sure your Taurus pet exercise enough because he could oversleep and overeat.

*Is extremely stubborn
*Has a larger than average neck
*Gravitates toward creature comforts...blankets, pillows and soft bedding.
*Is quite docile
*Moves rather slowly in comparison to other animals of the same breed or species
*Rarely display a great deal of emotion
*Does not have an abundance of energy
*Is very patient
*Possesses an overall determined air...most noticeable in manner of movement
*Loves to be caressed and fondled, but in a physical rather than emotional fashion
*Is loyal, even though facial expressions and/or gestures may not indicate such
*Is steadfast, true and constantly by owner's side
*Appears to subconsciously gravitate  toward things which are pretty
*Has a temper, though not in a violent way
*Has a broader (or more square) than average face
*Occasionally makes it difficult for owner to assume what kind of mood is being experienced
*Loves music...though probably not rap or hard rock
*Prone to sleep a large amount of the time
*Is relatively sociable
*Loves to eat
*Prefers to stay at home, but welcomes the opportunity to go out for short periods

Gemini Pet - May 11 - June 21
Ruling planet:
Most desirable qualities: Imaginative, expressive, restless, versatile, independent, curious
Negative: Extrovert, inquisitive, loud, sometimes unaffectionate
Physical characteristics: Alert, graceful, energetic
Favorite color: Brown
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Libra, Leo
Less compatible with: Cancer
Gemini pets have a great deal of energy and cannot stay still, they have to move. They will need a lot of attention. Being extrovert and energetic they can occasionally be troublemakers. They have an insatiable curiosity and they will try to communicate with you with eye contacts and noises. He needs to enjoy a variety of stimulating activities. They will like music and rides in the car.

*"Talks" a lot...barks, meows, chirps, sings, screams, cackles, grunts, etc.
*Is very active
*Is not particularly emotional
*Enjoys learning new tricks and tends to learn them quickly
*Has a difficult time keeping still, either continually fidgeting, scratching or simply moving about in a nervous fashion
*Possesses a "sense of humor" with a desire to engage others in fun
*Has a relatively short attention span
*Is rather thin in build
*Has a longer than average neck and head
*Has very expressive and sparkling eyes
*Is frequently "changeable" in bestowing affection upon owner (i.e., not consistent)
*Quick temper
*Is very agile
*May be reminiscent of a "circus dog"
*Acts somewhat like a "trickster"
*Is very mischievous
*Is exceedingly curious
*Has a variety of interests
*Prone to flit from one activity to another within short periods of time
*Appears to run on nervous energy
*Does not possess a particularly big appetite

Cancer Pet - June 22 - July 21
Ruling planet: MoonMost desirable qualities: Tenacious, sensitive, patient
Negative: Moody, needy
Physical characteristics: Long-legged
Favorite color: Violet
Most compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus
Less compatible with: Aries
Cancer pets have a lot of nervous energy and they hate to be criticized since they are so sensitive. They will get easily engaged. They love good food, luxury and sleeping. Cancer pets are territorial and protective of their home. They are positive and never get discouraged.

*Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
*Is very attached to owner
*Is very loving and attentive to owner
*Appears to require much attention and affection from owner *Gains weight easily
*Often appears to have an upset stomach
*Feels secure in having different things in the immediate, blankets, etc.
*Sometimes cannot get around or walk easily
*Is an extraordinarily good parent to offspring
*Is very gentle and kind by nature
*Seems to be quite intuitive, often perceiving owner's thoughts or plans
*Tends to be somewhat lazy
*Is often moody, changing from one mood to another within a relatively short period of time
*Does not always respond favorably to animals or people who are strangers
*Enjoys being in the kitchen area
*Enjoys being in and around water
*Loves all children regardless of species
*Is very quiet
*Loves to eat
*Does not usually like to sleep or rest on a hard surface

Leo Pet - July 22 - August 22
Ruling planet:
Most desirable qualities: Faithful, loving, protective, playful
Negative: Dominating, dramatic
Physical characteristics: Well-proportioned body, graceful
Favorite color: Royal blue
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries
Less compatible with: Virgo
He is the ruler of the pets, «The King of pets.» The Leo pet is very courageous and a good comedian. He is also a lover; he will make a great home pet. Indeed, he is proud. He needs to be the center of attention

*Acts in charge of the household
*Can be quite domineering
*Has robust health
*Possesses a very big ego
*Appears to strut when walking...or hopping, etc.
*Thrives on attention and praise
*Excels at personal defense
*Has a very strong and intense personality
*Is extremely faithful to owner and other family members
*Is loving in a "big-hearted", openly affectionate without being "sappy" or coy
*Is very secure in both an emotional sense and a psychological sense
*Will only fight another animal when necessary...does not fight for the "fun of it"
*Is jealous of affection shown to other animals or people by owner
*Possesses charisma
*Always appears to be happy
*Seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy
*Sometimes behaves in a flamboyant or dramatic manner in order to obtain adulation, sympathy or some form of attention
*Has a bad temper when provoked
*Is vociferous
*Openly expresses emotions

Virgo Pet - August 22 - September 21
Ruling planet:
Most desirable qualities: Affectionate, smart, outgoind, happy
Negative: Cowardly, demanding
Physical characteristics: Strong, muscular
Favorite color: Orange
Most compatible with: Capricorn, Taurus
Less compatible with: Aquarius
The Virgo pets want to be perfect. They love to dig in the garden, roll in the grass... they are happy pets. They have a tendency to become a one-person pet.

*Is extremely clean
*Is naturally neat, orderly and tidy
*Becomes annoyed very easily
*Is extremely finicky about food
*Is extraordinarily intelligent
*Is frequently conniving
*Enjoys learning new tricks and learns such tricks quickly
*Always appears anxious to please
*Is often edgy and/or nervous
*Is not particularly affectionate, bestowing "just enough" before continuing to more important things *Is frequently somewhat melancholy
*Can become irritable for the slightest reason
*Is very versatile, possessing many and varied interests
*Likes to be constantly busy
*Possesses a rather rigid and/or inflexible body
*Prone to suffer from intestinal ailments
*Can be selfish...dislikes sharing toys, possessions or food with anyone
*Is somewhat independent
*Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
*Generally ignores other animals in the household
*Does not normally fuss when being groomed or when having nails (or feathers etc.) trimmed

Libra Pet - September 22 - October 21
Ruling planet: Venus
Most desirable qualities: Well-balanced, affectionate
Negative: Manipulative, indecisive, lazy
Physical characteristics: Well-nourished
Favorite color: Turquoise
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini
Less compatible with: Capricorn
The Libra pet has a strong sense of honor and a well-balanced mind. He has gentle good manners and consideration for others.Is unusually good-looking for species or breed

*Has a refined and pleasant manner
*Is an expert at the art of persuasion
*Does not like to fight
*Is very vociferous
*Is self-indulgent and enjoys the good things life has to offer
*Is not very active in a physical sense
*Is usually relaxed and rather easy-going
*Has a well-proportioned body
*Possesses fur...or hair or feathers or scales...which are particularly sleek and fine in texture
*Drinks a small amount of water
*Is affectionate but fickle
*Is not particularly loyal in a steadfast way
*Moves with extreme grace
*Usually gets along well with other animals and people
*Very sociable
*Does not possess robust health
*Is even-tempered
*Likes to share the company of owner...just not too closely
*Is somewhat lazy
*Does not like to be alone

Scorpio Pet - October 22 -    November 21
Ruling planet
: Mars
Most desirable qualities: Independent, determined, playful, loyal
Negative: Jealous, resentful, obstinate, sneaky
Physical characteristics: Handsome features
Favorite color: Dark red
Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Less compatible with: Aries
The Scorpio pet has strength, endurance, determination, leadership, excellent memory. He has great passion and deep emotions. He has an hypnotic charm.

*Has very deep-set and penetrating eyes
*Is usually quiet and still
*Possesses a body which is relatively small for the species or breed
*Often appears to analyze or observe situations without reacting
*Rarely becomes angry, but can be vicious when the occasion arises
*Is somewhat emotionally distant
*Is extremely determined and cannot be diverted
*Does not necessarily like the company of other animals
*Is sometimes difficult to understand
*Appears to be rather mysterious in character
*Has a very intense and magnetic personality
*Is very stubborn
*Has a prominent nose when compared to others of the same breed or species
*Emits a type of unusual inner strength or power
*Is intelligent and/or clever and/or rather sly
*Learns quickly and thoroughly, but carries out any request or rule according to personal terms and timetable
*Is very independent
*Is devious and/or manipulative
*Always appears to be watching everything very closely
*Seems annoyed by the presence of other animals

Sagittarius Pet - November 22 - December 21
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Most desirable qualities: Nature loving, active, jovial, companionship
Negative: Restless, quick-tempered, stubborn
Physical characteristics: Well-balanced body
Favorite color: Green
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries
Less compatible with: Cancer
He is a natural hunter and will stalk anything... ants, flies, etc. The Sagittarius pet has vitality; he is very alert and interested. He is very passionate, sensitive and sympathetic, enthusiastic, optimistic and restless. Watch out for his fragile legs.

*Is very healthy
*Possesses legs which are both strong and long
*Is very active in a physical sense
*Would rather roam the neighborhood than stay at home
*Appears to possess an endless amount of energy
*Is noble by nature
*Is always in a good mood
*Is not quick to pick a fight...although prone to become angry if provoked
*Is quite vociferous
*Has a short attention span...becomes bored easily
*Is affectionate, but only for short spurts of time
*Is fearless and unafraid to take a risk or do something daring
*Would rather stay outside than inside
*Is curious
*Is often very restless
*Is extremely obedient, for the most part
*Is exceedingly mischievous
*Is always ready to go somewhere...anywhere
*Is often difficult to control

Capricorn Pet - December 22 - January 20
Ruling planet:
Most desirable qualities: Reserved, ambitious, careful
Negative: Stubborn, persistent
Physical characteristics: Perfection in form and build
Favorite color: Blue
Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Libra
Less compatible with: Aries
He likes to please others with his beauty. He has a good judgment and exceptional insight. He is receptive to catching cold so he should stay warm and dry.

*Is miserly and possessive with personal belongings and food
*Often petty by nature
*Is extremely intelligent
*Has a manipulative bent to personality
*Rarely becomes sick but, if so, quickly makes a complete recovery
*Is not particularly active
*Is unusally quiet and reclusive
*Possesses a character which is cold, unexpressive and generally inhibited
*Is never mischievous or daring
*Has a difficult time bonding with either animals or humans
*Does not like to play or socialize with other animals...and does not like to play at all, for the most part
*Is very bony in build
*Moves somewhart slowly
*Prone to suffer from tooth problems
*Would rather be inside than outside
*Walks (and moves in general) with a certain amount of caution
*Usually appears depressed
*Prone to suffer from skin ailments
*Possesses an angular (or square) face regardless of breed or species

Aquarius Pet - January 22 - February 21
Ruling planet: Uranus
Most desirable qualities: Determination, curiosity, devotion, independent
Negative: Unpredictable, detached
Physical characteristics: Slow, well-built, tall
Favorite color: Electric blue
Most compatible with: Libra, Gemini, Aries
Less compatible with: Virgo
He has a real talent for getting wet! If there are children in the family he is both a guardian and a playmate. He is intuitive, handsome, very friendly. He loves adventure far from home.

*Is extremely independent
*Is particularly striking or good-looking
*Has virtually no attention span
*Often moves around nervously and aimlessly
*Is exceedingly vivacious
*Is friendly to everyone...but in a rather superficial way
*Would rather be outside than inside
*Frequently appears to be insecure...not always acting with confidence and/or certainty
*Is erratic, excitable and/or neurotic
*Usually seems to be happy, although bouts of depression do appear to be experienced from time to time
*Occasionally appears to be scatter-brained
*Rarely remains still
*Is good-natured
*Likes to socialize with people and other animals
*Runs chiefly on nervous energy
*Prone to suffer from weak or pronounced ankles
*Is emotionally unstable and/or extremely sensitive *Is skittish and insecure
*Does not like the dark
*Likes to "cuddle up" next to or near electrical appliances or wires

Pisces Pet - February 22 - March 21
Ruling planet: Neptune
Most desirable qualities: Mystical, kind, gentle
Negative: Weak-willed, excitable, air-headed
Physical characteristics: Athletic, lean
Favorite color: Gray
Most compatible with: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio
Less compatible with: Taurus
The Pisces pet is very sensitive to others and is very friendly. He is mystical, a dreamer. He is the ideal «Beach pet» and could be an Olympic swimmer.

*Is extraordinarily gentle
*Appears to sense owner's thoughts and feelings
*Possesses something of a mystical quality
*Is extremely affectionate
*Would rather be inside than outside
*Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household *Prefers not to engage in boisterous activities
*Sleeps a great deal of the time
*Loves to "cuddle up" to owner
*Is very quiet...seldom, if ever, makes any noise
*Possesses an excellent temperament and never appears to get angry or "out of sorts"
*Has a rather weak constitution, subject to ill-health
*Possesses fur...or feathers or hair...which is somewhat sparse and thin
*Does not have a particularly strong walk...or trot or hop etc.
*Is totally devoted to owner
*Appears to be regularly depressed or "down in the dumps"
*Seems to have a psychic bond with owner
*Does not appear to be too emotionally stable and/or confident
*Suffers from problems with feet and/or lungs
*Often experiences feelings of not being warm

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