What is Feng Shui?

Pronounced "fung shway," feng shui literally means "wind and water." Its roots are 5,000 years old.

Feng shui seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well being by examining how energy, qi, pronounced "chee," flows through a particular room, house, building, or garden.

Yin and Yang
Feng shui considers yin, feminine and passive energy, and yang, which is masculine and hot. It also looks at the five elements - water, fire, wood, metal, and earth, and the external environment.

The points on the compass, with eight separate directions - north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest.

Feng Shui is heavily influenced by the theory of the Elements. In the Chinese scheme of the Universe, there are Five of these Elements.

Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water.
FIRE is red, an auspicious color.  Summer and South.
WATER is represented by the color Black or Blue. North and Winter.
WOOD  is represented by the color Green.  East.
METAL is represented by the color White, Silver or Gold. West.
EARTH is represented by the color Yellow or Brown. Earth is also the Center.
For Feng Shui purposes, it is necessary to know that these Five Elements have a mutually productive cycle and a mutually destructive cycle.
Become familiar with the eight directions and how that relates to color and the Five Elements. I will talk about some simple cures you can begin to use. Some of the colors will be repeated in different Ba Gua directions. These same principles of balancing Yin and Yang energies with the Elements and colors can be used in any space; home, apartment, office, garden or yard.

Productive Cycle.
The Productive Cycles the Element Water produces Wood, which in turn produces Fire, which then produces Earth, which produces Metal, which produces Water.

The Destructive Cycle
Is just as important as the Productive Cycle, as the process of decay makes room for growth. In the Destructive Cycle Wood breaks up Earth, which absorbs Water, which eliminates Fire, which melts Metal, which can chop Wood.

Use dominant green for the East and Southeast, dominant red for the South, dominant yellow for the Southwest, dominant white or metallic for the West and Northwest. Keep your base colors to the correct element.

In the East and Southeast (Wood) the Water colors of blue and black are excellent alternatives. This is because Water produces Wood. In the Southwest and Northwest (Earth) all shades and combinations of red will be excellent as Fire produces Earth. In the West and Northwest (Metal) in addition to White; all shades and combinations of yellow, beige and brown will be excellent as Earth produces Metal.

In the North white is excellent because Metal produces Water. For the South which is fire, green is good as Wood fuels Fire.

This is the Elemental theory of colors. It can be supplemented by other considerations. For instance, red is considered very auspicious, and the color purple is exceedingly lucky when combined with silver.

In the practice of Feng Shui, harmony and balance are very important to keep the flow of Chi energy
The Element of Fire is Yang energy symbolized by the color red, so the placement of red objects is adding to the positive Yang energy. Candles and bright lights increases fire energy.

Earth energy is grounding and nurturing, it induces closeness and togetherness. Warm and soothing, Earth furnishings will improve marital and relationship prospects. This also stimulates knowledge and learning. Earth is associated with Relationships and Marriage(Southwest).

Education and Knowledge(Northeast. To enhance these areas place crystals, ceramics and terra- cotta items in these corners. Earth produces Metal so the Metal sections can benefit from Earth furnishings; crystals, terra-cotta items, ceramic bowls, earthenware pieces, etc.

Metal is a positive Yang Element. Area that benefit from Yang energy are Children (West), Mentors and Networking. The energy called Chi oscillates and flows through every area of your environment. Surfaces and Textures affect this flow- metal is hard, flat and shiny, this creates a faster flow- as you can see from this; placement of the Elements can be very important to the harmony and balance of your home, office or garden. If one area has too much "Yin" energy placing Yang elements can help to balance that particular area.

Metal helps to "create" Water so the addition of some attractive metal objects can help to harmonize the flow of Chi(Yin and Yang energies); Chimes are good for this.

The flow of Chi is always flowing and circulating around the home and garden. It is influenced by the Five Elements, particularly Water.
Water is a very powerful tool, constantly moving, carrying and accumulating Chi throughout the surrounding environment. The sight and sound of flowing water is soothing and relaxing, it can be used to energize specific areas of your life and home.

Water features can be placed in the North (Career) to help with your career aspirations. Water is also the symbol of prosperity and wealth. An aquarium or a water fountain placed in the wealth area can have a very positive effect. Definitely do not place water in the bedroom area.

The stagnant areas of the bathroom are areas where water is constantly being drained away. Because water is linked to money, over activating this area is not advised (keep the toilet seat cover down).

Ponds and fountains placed in your yard and garden enhance the flow of beneficial Chi in your environment. Water is essential to your inner Feng Shui, so drink lots of it to balance and harmonize your body's Chi.

Wood is one of the Five Elements; it evolves from Ying and Yang (the joining of male and female energies) and represents all living plants and trees.
Areas associate with Wood are the Wealth and Prosperity areas of your home and garden. If you want to increase your wealth and general well-being, place some wooden items plus some energizing plants and flowers in the Wealth and Prosperity and the Health areas of your home. Wooden benches can boost the Wealth area of your yard and garden.

Summary of Elements and cures that you can begin to implement now.

Fire-Red-South = Lights, candles, paintings or artwork incorporating the color red, red sofa pillows, a rug with the color red, a chair, red glass objects. Fire and Red are Yang Energy Yang is energizing.

Earth-Earth Ochre Colors and materials-Southwest-also Northeast = Education and knowledge. Terra-cotta items, ceramic bowls, porcelain items, plants placed in terra-cotta or ceramic containers.

Metal-gold Silver, Pewter-West and Northwest = Metal candle holder, picture frames, metal decorations, dinner plates decorated with silver, gold or both. Metal items in your kitchen, metal watering cans, or decorations in the West corner of your garden.

Water-North-Career = Aquarium, fountains, ponds and fountains.

How to use the Bagua.

To use the Bagua, make a drawing of your home/office/room and make a big tic-tac-toe to divide the sections.  The goal is to divide the drawing into 9 sections.  You will start with Skills, (blue section) Career (black section) & Helpful Friends (gray section) against the wall that includes the front door.  So to be clear, the lower colors, blue, black and gray are facing you. 

You can use the Baqua at your desk.  The door, will be where your sit, your chair.

Health - Yellow - Center
Health is one of the 9 areas/sections of Feng Shui.  The location is the center of any room, table or desk.  Earth is the element.  The colors are yellow, gold and other tones.  Things of earth are China, ceramic, clay pots/tiles.  Shapes of square, flat or horizontal are effective also. 

Home – Place a fruit bowl of bananas and mixed fruit in the center of your dining room/kitchen table.  You may use candles (no higher then 12” – reason, anything over 12” in Feng Shui is considered a tree or the wood element and wood uproots earth –health). 

Desk – Place your appointment book in the center of your desk for healthy appointments. Or you may tape a yellow octagon (8 sides – out of construction paper) under your deck in the center or place it under your desk blotter. 

Items that do not belong in the Health section
Wood, the color green, columnar or rectangles shapes or items in this area. 
These items represent the wood element, and as mentioned earlier, wood is the destructive force that uproots earth, robbing it of its nutrients and water.

Family – Green - Center left
Standing at the door, facing in, the middle of the left wall.  On your desk, the middle on the left side from your seat. .  Here is what can happen when you Feng Shui the family section.  Feel more secure in all areas of you life.  Improve your sex life.  Build a stronger foundation that allows you to meet life’s challenges with more confidence and less stress.  Improve family relationships and being harmony into family matters.  Start being treated like one of the family by non-blood relatives.  Enhance your business and increase your income.  Get a promotion.  Create a situation where you always have the money to cover the bills.   Find balance with your emotional stability.  Improve your physical and mental health.  Make better choices in life.  The family section is in relation.    Here are the power tools and hazardous items you need to know.

Home -Wood is the element for this area.  Wooden frames with family.  Bowl full of pine cones or acorns symbolizes seeds for family.  Wooden products of paper, wicker, rattan, and bamboo.  Green Items – That are rectangular or columnar or undulating forms.  Plants – Silk or live.  (NO DRIED – dried plants represent death in Feng Shui and that does include potpourri). Water – Mirrors (rectangular/columnar), glass, sea shells.

Desk – A wooden picture frame of your family or a small plant.

Items that do not belong in  the Family Section.
Metal (metal cuts wood,) the color of white, round and square items.

Prosperity – Purple – Far left-hand corner
The purple square in the diagram, the far left hand corner of your home/room/desk from the doorway.  This section is for getting a raise, receive unexpected money, make more money with your business, have money to go on a dream vacation, acquire a stable income, increase wealth for the good things in life and find inner peace and true happiness with what you have in life. 

Home - Load this corner up with purples, reds, greens or gold items.  Symbols of wealth, such as a piggy bank, photos of your dream car or home or a vacation resort, or things that remind you of abundance.    Moving water, rounded-leaved plant and moving objects are great for this corner also. 

Desk -  place your calculator or a crystal paper weight, or an African violet, or any plant with round leaves.

This section is also related to the hip.  If you have a hip condition, place one of the power tools in this area with the intention of helping it out.

Things that do not belong in this section:
Your check book (money going out, this section is for money coming in), dirt
and dust, dead or dried plants, broken items, trash cans and reminder of bad times.

Fame & Reputation – Red - Center across from the doorway
Located in the center of the rear wall, sometimes directly across from the doorway.    This area will increase business, give you the courage to do something you have always been afraid to do, gain respect from your spouse, family, coworkers, friends and strangers.  Your good reputation is protected, you become very well know, you get the credit you deserve, you have the support from others because they see you as valuable and you accept yourself for who you are.  

Home - Fire is the element here, candles, fireplaces or lanterns are great here.  Lights are great, along with red items, triangular, rectangular or columnar items along with green and wood objects.   Stained glass made with the colors of red and green.  Animals or things made from animals (leather).  Plants (nothing dried), pictures or memorabilia of celebrities or people you admire, awards, diplomas, professional licenses, or trophies. “Up” stuff, meaning things like mountains, balloons, stars, moon, things that people have to look up to see is getting people to look up to you.   Your personal wish list, write on a red piece of paper everything your wish to gain from enhancing this area and safely place it somewhere in this part of your home.

Desk - this is where you place your business cards, pencils or a light.

This area is also related to your eyes.  If you are having eye trouble, enhance this area with the intention of attracting positive “chi” for them.

Things that do not belong in this section.  Water, water puts out fire.  Black items, black represents water.  Mirrors, mirrors are water. Things that symbolize what you are NOT about.  You do not want to have negative pictures or items, such as sad pictures, any animals with negative traits, such as a rat, pig, shark, etc. 

Love and Relationship – Pink – Far right-hand corner
This is located, from the doorway, the Right hand corner of your home/room/desk.  The color here is Pink.  Activating this corner will help find “the one”, make a commitment without fear, get married, put the sizzle back into a relationship.  Getalong better with family, friends and coworkers and learn to trust people again.  When you Feng Shui this corner, think pink or things the mean love to you.  2 and ONLY the number 2 is important in this area.

Home - Remember, three is a crowd.  A crystal vase with 2 pink carnations, a rose crystals, a picture of you and your mate (only), lovebirds, 2 of love items here.  Also, make sure items in the bedroom are in pairs, 2 night stands, 2 lamps, again 2 is very important in your bedroom,  This is the love room of the entire home,  Make your bedroom feel the warmth of love.  Be very careful on the color red.  Some books suggest the color red, but red is a color of lust, impatience and a high-energy color, this is a room to relax and sleep in.  No candles please, this is an earth section and fire burns earth.

Desk  A picture of you and your make, or something romantic.

This area is related to the heart

Things that do not belong in this corner:  Dried flowers, broken items, candles, things not related to love, empty space and pictures of a single person. 

Creativity & Children – White – Middle of right wall
This is located at the middle of the right wall. (standing at the door, looking in.)  You can find fulfillment and gratification with a hobby or job.  To conceive and bear children.  Get unstuck in a project.  Improve your relationship with your children.  Become more comfortable showing the childlike side of your personality.  Create efficiency in a company.  Deter the aging process. 

Home - The color here is white, the element is metal and the dominate shape is round.  Earth is another element that can be used here.  Earth creates metal in the Creative Cycle.  Yellow is another color that can be used, yellow represents earth.  Flat and square items represent earth also.  Place your television, toys, games, candy hobbies/craft or pictures of children in this area.

Desk - Place a picture of your children in a metal frame or a bell.

This area represents your mouth.  If you are having problems with your mouth, check this area and activate it with the items mentioned above.

Things that do not belong  in this area. 
Fire melts metal.  If you have a fireplace located here, place a row vases of
water on the mantle or a mirror with a metal frame.  Red items, triangular or pointy objects, they represent the fire element.

Helpful Friends/Travel/Universe – Gray – Upper right-hand corner
This section is located in the front right corner of your home/room/desk as you enter the room. The color for this corner is gray or silver. This section includes more travel, more helpful friends and the Universe.  By activating this corner, you will find yourself bring treated more fairly and honestly.  You will find yourself at the right place at the right time more consistently.  Feeling like “If I do not do it, it will not get done” or It is always up to me” will disappear.  Traveling will become less stressful, less chaotic and more.  You will get more done because you will not be doing it all yourself.  The right people will become more available and will to help or teach you.

Home - Silver containers or items (even aluminum foil – remember Feng Shui does not have to be seen to work.)Bells.  All shades of gray.  Water (water is the symbol of the Spirit)Hands – a pair of hands, representing helping hands. Travel items.  If yearn to travel, this is a good place for a globe or maps.

Desk - Place your phone book, telephone or address books here.  If you have a drawer, line it with aluminum foil.

Things  that do not belong in this corner
Junk, clutter, dust, broken items and bad times.

Career – Black – Doorway/Center
This section is located in the center of the wall that the front door is on; sometimes it is the front door or the door to a room.  Activating this area will result in a job, a new, better or more meaningful job.  It can help business increase and make more money in business.  Help you figure out what you want to do worth your life and do it. 

Home -Water – Fountains, aquariums, or vases filled with water.  Symbols of water work also.  Pictures of a snow scene, lakes, or seashells.  Black – Black symbols water in Feng Shui.  Place your black briefcase by the front door.
Undulating Shapes – The shape of water is free form.  Any shape but square will do here.
Mirrors – They are equal to water.  Make sure it is placed at a level where you can look at yourself in the eye and see your entire head.  That way you will get ahead in business. Glass – Glass is another water element of Feng Shui.  Vases, stem ware or aquariums. Metal – Metal of any kind will do.  Brass to copper. White Items – White symbolizes metal.
  Round Stuff – Round in metal in Feng Shui.  Coins, bells, plants, or light
Symbols of the Life Path you want to be on – Place items here that interests as
well as your goals.

Desk - This maybe where you sit.  Place a black blotter here or place black construction paper under your desk in this area. 

Things that do not belong in this area.
Dirt, square objects, earth tone colored items.  Yellow, oranges, or browns. 

The Wisdom and Knowledge – Blue – Upper left-hand corner
Located to the left of the Career section.  When this corner is active, it will help
with better grades, better decisions, become more creative, a better businessperson, attract opportunities, situations, and people to help in all areas of your life.  In addition, help tap into your inner wisdom and more often, find the inner strength and will to begin a seemingly ominous or overwhelming task and have better relationships. 

Home - Blue is the color for this area, so anything blue will do.  Books make a perfect enhancement for this section also.  Metal, you have heard the expression “sharp as a tack” or a “penny for your thoughts,” save your pennies here.  Black in another color associated with wisdom and knowledge, it represents water.  Wood, another element works well to attract wisdom.  Green, represents wood, plants, or dollar bills. An Altar of Thanksgiving, to remind you of all the things you have to be thankful.  Symbols of the skills or knowledge you want to have. 

Desk – A  plant or books

Things that do not belong in this area.
Clutter, things that stop the thought process, (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,
things that could cloud your thought process),In addition, unwise symbols, such as the newspapers (people do stupid things, murder, bankruptcy, etc).


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