Direction: East
Rules: Schooling, memory, intellectualism, teaching, tests, divination, communications, travel, writing, organizing and organizations, groups of all kinds, theorizing, drug addiction
Elemental: Sprites
Time: Dawn
Season: Spring
Colors: Yellow, white, pastels
The element of Air is associated with the East in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is the where the Sun rises, so this thinnest and most ethereal of the elements is associated with Sunrise...and new beginnings.  It is associated with springtime and the wonder and curiosity of childhood. The element of Air is, of course, associated with the sense of smell.  While there are scents, we associate with each of the elements, the scents of spring flowers come to mind.  Moreover, the scents we use for cleaning the air...lavender, lemongrass, and pine.  Incense is the magical tool of the East and the Air. The element of Air is also associated with music.  Of course, sound is transmitted through airwaves. However, Air provides the songs of the wind rustling in the trees.  Of all the songbirds.  Of flutes and whistles.  Of our own voices raised in song.  Certainly, one can associate certain types of instruments with each of the elements, and we will, but Air is the element of that first creative urge to create beautiful sounds.
Angels are also associated with Air, although there are angels specifically associated with each of the elements.  The Archangel often called, as Guardian of the Air is Raphael.
Raphael's name means "Healer of God.”  He is robed in gold, yellow, and blue.  He carries a caduceus, the wand entwined by two serpents used as a symbol of healing.  He rules science, knowledge, compassion, and healing.
Another Being who carries a caduceus, of course, is Mercury, messenger of the Gods, who rules intellect, verbal expression, science, synthesis, and research.  Mercury is another Guardian of the Air.
The realm of Air is the mind and mental activity.  Air rules the ideas that come "out of the blue.”  It offers the gift of clarity...the ability to perceive what is relevant and useful in a given situation.  It rules the process of synthesizing ideas and concepts from many different sources or disciplines into something that is cohesive and comprehensive.  It rules the communication of these ideas... writing and verbal expression.  It rules teaching.  In addition, it rules poetry.
The elementals associated with Air are called Sylphs.  These are among the easiest elementals to see, especially as a flash from the corner of your eye.  They look like small winged creatures in pastel colors who ride the airwaves.  Often they are called fairies.  They tend to be attracted to those who are quick thinking and quick moving.  They can be mischievous...blowing things about...rustling through your hair...making sounds that distract you.

Blowing Problems Away: 
Have a problem in your life that just will not go away?  Blow it away with this spell:
What you need:  Flour. 
What to do:  You might want to do this spell outside, as it can be messy if done inside.  Take a tablespoon of flour and put it in the upturned palm of your right hand.  Try to pour it so it is just in one clump of flour in the palm.  Gaze at the clump of flour and think about your problem in detail for a few minutes.  Pour all your thoughts and feelings into the clump of flour as you gaze at it.  Then at it for a moment and say with confidence and determination:
"(Problem like harassment etc.) of mine,
I do blow,
You out of my life,
Air take it, go!"
Then take a deep breath and blow as HARD as you can so that the flour flies off your hand and disperses in the air.  As the flour disperses in the Air so too does, your problem vanishes just like the flour.  Go inside and wash your hands.  Repeat every other day until the problem is gone.

Direction: North
Rules: Fertility, jobs, promotions, money, business, investments, material objects, agriculture, health foods, ecology, conservation, stock market, antiques, old age, museums, buildings, construction, progress
Elemental: Gnomes, trolls
Time: Midnight
Season: Winter
Colors: Black, brown, dark green
The element of Earth represents our Mother, the planet Earth itself.  It represents body and solidness.  It represents permanence, stability, and security.  All the things of Earth are things you can see and hold.  If Earth is Matter, it is also the Mother, or Mater.  It represents nourishment on all levels.  Therefore, Earth encompasses the soil, which nourishes the plants and the insects and worms that process the decayed matter in the Earth to turn it into food.  It represents the plants and all creatures that eat the plants.  Therefore, it represents all the animals that run on four legs ...or two...or many...  North represents winter.  It also represents the winter of our lifetime... old age, when our bodies are no longer fertile, but our dreams are.  Within the cycle of the day, Earth represents midnight, the time of complete darkness after dusk and before dawn.  While all of the elements offer their own types of healing, Earth is the element that rules the healing of our bodies.  It is the element of the the healing herbs... although each herb will have a unique balance of the elements within it.  In addition, of course, it is the element of the crystals, used for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  The Earth Elementals are called Gnomes.  Gnomes come in many sizes, from the little people who nurture each blade of grass to the large ones who work with the trees, to the huge ones who work with whole mountains. They are the elementals we can contact and communicate with most easily because they are the densest, the most like us.  They like to live in the earth, and do not care for exposure or sunlight.  They work hard and tend to be quite serious.  The "Seven Dwarves" who befriend Snow White and go each day to dig in the earth for precious stones are very typical Gnomes.  They can be good friends to those who love the earth.  (We call people who are loyal and practical "the salt of the earth")  They respect wealth and they respect those who are thrifty and recycle.  They appreciate coins and stones as gifts...they also appreciate any work you do to heal the Earth, to recycle, or to plant and maintain gardens.The Gnomes will help you with work to heal the body, or to heal the Earth itself.  They will work with you to break habits that are not healthy.  They will work with you for prosperity and abundance.  They will assist you with fertility issues and with any work; you do for your family.
Types of magic ruled by Earth and the Gnomes include crystal or stone magic, herb magic, magic that plants seeds or buries things, and magic with sand or salt.  Any of these things can represent Earth on your altar...stones and crystals, pots of earth, growing plants, salt, or cast-off gifts of creatures of antlers or hooves.  They can also help you with all of the following:
Magical Goals Aided By Earth: 
Abundance – Agriculture – Archeology - Buildings and Houses - Construction and Fabrication - Family – Fertility – Healing - Job and Career Matters – Money – Nutrition - Old Age - Weight Problems
A simple piece of magic:  Pick up a cast off leaf and envision the energy of a particular habit or  emotional pattern flowing out of my cells and through my hands into the leaf.  Call in the healing energy of the earth to flow through me and wash the memory and energy of this trait out through your hands and into the leaf.  Then bury the leaf...knowing that the creatures of Earth will cause it to decompose and the energy you have placed in it will be transformed to become the nourishment of the next generation of growing things... The magical tool associated with Earth is the pentagram.  This magical symbol, the five-pointed star, represents the four elements pulled together and under spirit.  It is a powerful symbol of protection. 
Earth is associated with the Discs or Pentagrams in the Tarot, and with the Empress, the Chariot, the Wheel of Fortune, the Hermit, the Judgment, and the World.
strological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and the Planets Venus and Jupiter.
The Archangel of the North and the Earth is Uriel.  Dressed in greens, browns, and black, he is a fearsome, quiet figure who offers justice.  He is the patron of psychics and an initiator into the mysteries. 
You might wish to make an altar in the northern part of your house to honor the Element of Earth and the Gnomes.  Drape it and decorate it in browns, greens, and black.  Offer stones and crystals, pots of earth or bowls of salt, coins, gems, herbs sacred to Earth, and the cast off gifts of animals, such as antlers or hooves.  Welcome the Element and the Gnomes to make this their home.  Then light the candles on this altar when you cook, wrap gifts, work with your family, plan your finances, or do healing work.

The Little Jar of Sand: 
Want to safeguard your house or property against negativity? 
What you need:  Sand, jar with lid (if you have an Earthen Jar, that is even better). 
What to do:  Relax.  Pour the sand in the jar.  Recite this incantation while visualizing the jar absorbing ALL negativity and warding all negative entities from your property:
"Little jar of sand,
Protect my dwelling land
From all evil and from all I can't stand!
Little Jar of sand,
Confound all evil who enter my land
Protect me all you can,
Oh little jar of sand!"
Place the Jar of Sand outside somewhere hidden or place it in a prominent place near the front door.

The Earth Banishment: 
This spell uses the powers of earth to banish you no longer need in your life that is slowing you down:
What you need:  Fresh soil, outdoor place where you can throw dirt around without getting put in the loony bin. 
What to do:  Think over the reason for this banishment.  Do you really want to banish it?  If so, proceed.  Relax.  Grab a clump of dirt in your hand.  Feel it between your hands.  Visualize what you want to banish, bring up the emotions, and send it all into the clump of dirt.  Do this for 5 minutes and then throw the dirt as hard as you can at the ground and say:
"(What was banished) is out of my life NOW!"
Turn around, walk away, and do not look back.

Direction: South
Rules: Success, sex, banishing illnesses, the military, conflicts, protection, courts, law, police and sheriff's agencies, contests, competitions, private detectives, dowsing, treasure hunting, gambling, athletics, strength, good health, war, terrorism.
Elemental: Firedrakes, Salamanders
Time: Noon
Season: Summer
Colors: Red, crimson, orange, fuchsia
Perhaps the greatest source of Fire we know is our Sun.  This ball of burning gasses provides all living things on Earth with warmth and light.  Without it, life as we know it would be impossible.  By the miracle known as photosynthesis, our cousins the plants are able to capture the energy of the Sun in a form that both they and we can use for nourishment.  The sugars made by plants using the light of the Sun form the basis for all foodstuffs...and when we eat these sugars and starches, we break them down to release the energy they have stored.  Fire is associated with the South in this hemisphere.  Certainly, it is easy to think of the great deserts and tropical jungles to the south of us.  Even on the shortest days, the Sun rises in the South and shines upon us from this direction.  Fire is associated with noon, when the sun is at its zenith in the sky. 
 It is associated with summer, that time when the Sun is with us for long days that ripen produce.  It is associated with young adulthood, that time of life when we expend huge amounts of energy training and making careers for ourselves...the time of life when we expend large amounts of sexual energy to find the mates we wish to have children with...and to produce those children.
Sex and passion are definitely associated with Fire. Fire heals by getting things moving.  It can help one overcome the stagnation of apathy, the heaviness of depression, or the distant coldness of intellectualization.  It also heals by transforming one form of energy to another.
The angel associated with Fire is Michael, chief of the archangels, known as the Warrior of God.  He is an arm of the God/dess and his flaming sword dispenses justice, balance, and protection to all the children of the One.  He is often depicted in armor, like the ideal chevalier of the Middle Ages, protector of the weak and helpless.  Like a true warrior, he would rather settle disputes peaceably than with violence.  He is dressed in red and scarlet, the colors of Fire, courage, and honor. 
The fire elementals are called Salamanders.  They are brilliant, ephemeral creatures that dance in flames.  They will help you overcome obstacles, and they like people who have the courage to act on their truth.  They will help you protect yourself when you must...and have little patience for willing victims.  While they enjoy playing in flames and will come when you light candles or fires, the gift they appreciate most is an act of courage.
Magical Goals Aided By Fire -Athletics, Banishing Illness
Competitions and contests, Courage, Creativity, Defense
Loyalty, Protection, Sex , Strength, Success.
You might wish to make an altar in the southern part of your house to honor the Element of Fire and the Salamanders.  Drape it and decorate it in red and orange.  Offer candles, sand, desert roses, and red stones.  Welcome the Element and the Salamanders to make this their home.  Then light the candles on this altar when you ask your Higher Will for guidance or work on your fears.

Out With The Old, In With The New
This spell utilizes the transformative powers of fire for personal change. 
What you need:  Candle, Fire Proof Container, Paper, and Pencil. 
What to do:  Relax.  Light the candle.  Sit down and write down ALL the things you want to change about yourself.  Make sure they are things you truly wish to change.  When you are done catch, the paper on fire and when it first lights say to the paper:
Place the paper in fireproof container and gaze into the burning flames.  Say:
"Transformation I call to me,
Blessed Fire answer my plea.
Banish the old and bring in the new,
Clear the way for what's healthy and true."
Keep saying it until the flames die down to nothing.  Make a concerted effort to change your ways/habits/thoughts and fire will help you achieve success.

Direction: West
Rules: Love, friendships, partnerships, unions of every kind, affection, contract negotiations, beauty, rest, recuperation, meditation, spirituality, healing wounds, restoring cell growth, childbirth and children, the home, receptivity, family, swimming and suc00ba diving, fishing, ancestors, medicine, hospitals compassion, doctor and nursing professions, clairvoyance.
Elemental: Mermaids, Undines
Time: Twilight
Season: Autumn
Colors: Blue, indigo, green, gray, turquoise has so many moods.  One can picture the deep swelling power of the ocean or the tiny lines made by raindrops on a window.  Water is the crystal clarity of a mountain stream or a stagnant pool rich in microorganisms.  It is the warm laziness of a scented bath or the cold splashing challenge of white-water rafting.  It can nourish or it can destroy.  It can clean or it can leave a layer of muddy sludge.  It can be still or rapid, deep or shallow, tranquil or fierce, ephemeral or enduring.  We do our best to contain it and train it...and it serves our purpose when we do...but it also becomes unusable if allowed to sit too long.
Overall, it is a very fitting metaphor for the flow of our emotions
The theme of chalices and cups...the Tarot suit associated with Water is, of course, the Cups...the suit of emotions and matters of the heart.  Major Arcana associated with Water are the High Priestess, the Lovers, the Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, and The Moon.
The Moon, of course, has a deep association with Water because it rules the tides of the oceans.  Its tides and cycles synchronized with those of the moon.  The other "planet," (astrologically speaking) associated with Water is Neptune.  The astrological signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. One of the major functions of water in magic is its role as a cleanser.  Of course, all the elements cleanse in their own way, but water of course is the medium in which we bathe, shower, wash our clothes, and scrub our homes.  It is what we combine with soap to make bubbles.
The elementals of Water are the Undines.  The Archangel associated with Water and the West is Gabriel.  Some sources see this angel as masculine, others feminine; in general, angels are considered beyond gender.  S/he rules birth, death, and transformation.  S/he is the angel of mercy and justice in balance.  S/he is considered the angel of the Moon, and guardian of women's cycles and childbirth.  S/he can be seen with a cup or a horn, and is usually dressed in blue with orange highlights.

Cleansing Spell 
Using the cleansing powers of water to purify and bless things.
What you need:  Small bowl of water. 
What to do:  Dab your fingers in the water and sprinkle the thing to be blessed all the while reciting this chant:
"Blessed Water I call to Thee,
I ask you to bless this (thing) for me.
Remove all negativity,
Purify, I ask of thee!"
Visualize the waters energy purifying and washing away all negativity.  Let it naturally dry.  By the way, you do not need to DUMP the water on it, lightly sprinkling is enough.

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