Archangel Gabriel
Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength”, known as the “Heavenly Awakener”, she is a primary messenger to God, bringing divine revelations to human-kind, acting as a messenger between heaven and earth, helping us to interpret our dreams and visions.  Gabriel grants wishes and hopes, as well as joy, mercy, truth, justice, miracles and love.  She is also the angel of transformation, death, and birth and peace maker.
Gabriel is definitely an archangel of action!  Those who call upon her will find themselves into action that leads to beneficial results.

Gabriel’s day is Monday,
Her color is White,
Her element is Water
Her symbol is the Lily
Her season is Fall.
Her direction is West
Time of day is Dusk

 Archangel Raphael
Raphael means “God heals”.  He is a powerful healer of physical bodies, both humans and animals.  Those who call on Raphael are healed rapidly.  He may be involved on behalf of someone else.  Raphael ill to wherever he’s requested: however he can not interfere with that person’s free will.  If an ailing person refuses spiritual treatment, it can’t be forced.  However, Raphael’s presence will have a comforting effect, which will aid in natural healing by reducing stress and anxiety.  Raphael is a wonderful aide when it comes to safe traveling.
Raphael can help with addictions, cravings, eyesight, and space clearing, traveling, and retrieving lost pets.

Raphael’s day is Wednesday. 
His colors are Yellow, Gold and Light Blue. 
His element is Air
His symbol is the Caduceus
His season is Spring
The time of day is Dawn.
His direction is East.

 Archangel Michael
Michael’s name means “he is like God” or “he who looks like God”.  His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear.  Archangel Michael is extremely tall and handsome, and he usually carries a sword, which he uses to release us from the snare of fear.  When Michaels’s around you, you may see sparkles or flashes of bright blue or purple light. Michael also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers.  Michael guides and directs those who feel lost, or stuck with respect to their life’s purpose or career paths.  He can stimulate the unmotivated or fearful into action.  Michael provides clear guidance about which step to take next.  He is the Angel we call upon to battle our negativity and protection. 

Michael’s day is Sunday
His color is Red.
His element is Fire.
His season is Summer,
Time of day Noon,
His direction is South
His symbol is the Sword

 Archangel Uriel
Uriel’s name means “God is light,”  “God’s light,” or “fire of God,” because he illuminates situations and give prophetic information and warnings.  Uriel is regarded as one of the wisest Archangels; he will instantly come to you.  You may not even realize that Uriel has come to answer your prayers until you notice a brilliant new idea that’s entered your mind.  Perhaps because of his connection to Noah, as well as his affinity with the weather elements of thunder and lightning, Uriel  is considered to be an archangels who helps us with earth-quakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, and Earth changes.  Call upon him to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermath.   Uriel has so many talents and helps us in so many areas of life; it is a good idea to call upon him regularly.  He also helps us by giving us additional information so that we can make informed decisions. 

His day is Friday,
His symbol is a Sheath of Wheat,
His season is Winter,
His element is Earth,
Time of day is Midnight
His direction is the North
His colors are Green and Brown

The 9 Choirs of Angels
There are 9 Choirs of Angels and they are divided into 3 groups.
The Angels of the first sphere are The Seraphim, Cherubs and the Thrones.  Angels of the second sphere are the Dominions, the Powers and the Virtues.  Angels of the third sphere are the Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

The first group of Angels, in the first sphere, are the Seraphim.  The word Seraphim means “ardor”.  These angels work with consuming compassion and divine love.  The Seraphim (beings of pure light) are the closest to divinity; concentrate on vibration manifestations to keep divinity constant and intact and are considered the angels of pure love, light and fire.  They make sure nothing rocks the boat, no negative energy gets through to divinity, and help create and carry positive energy through all the choirs of angels and into the physical realm.  They do not encircle God and sing songs to keep everyone happy.  They encircle divinity to endure its continued existence and funnel that energy toward us so we can keep going. Unsure of the ruler of the Seraphim, it may be Jehoel, Metatron or Michael.  Other angels named in this order are Seraphiel, Uriel, Kemuel and Nathanael.  As we learn about the 9 choir of angels, you will find several angels are mentioned in more then on category, moving up and down the celestial ladder as the universe has need for them.  This is especially true of the four Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) .Work with the Seraphim Angels when you wish to raise the energy for humanitarian or planetary causes.  To reach the Seraphim, burn a purple candle and a white candle for divinity.


The next group of angels in the first sphere are the Cherubim.  They function as the guardians of light and stars.  They also create and channel positive energy from divinity and appear exquisite in form.  They supposedly outshine all other angels.  The Cherubim watch over the all galaxies, collecting and dispensing energy where needed.  They also guard any religious temple, from the architecturally glorious to an adobe shack.  The Cherubim can also function as personal guards, wielding flaming swords, should this be necessary.  By name, we have Opaniel, Rikbiel, Cherubiel, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Zophiel. 
When you are seeking divine protection, wisdom and knowledge, look to the Cherubim.  To reach the Cherubim, burn a blue candle and a white candle for divinity.

The last group of Angels in the First Sphere are the Thrones.  The thrones are assigned to the planets.  They create channel, and collect incoming and outgoing positive energies.  The Thrones carry the name “many-eyed one,” being the private investigators for divinity, as well as instructors of humility.  Their name, Thrones, comes from the idea that all the power of divinity rests on their stable shoulders.  They will shine their light on injustice and send healing energy to any victim.  The Thrones take great interest in what humans are doing, though they may
channel energies through your guardian angel rather then deal with you themselves.
Call on the Thrones for assistance in smoothing relations with groups of people or between any two individuals.  If you seek stability, look to the Thrones.  For any assistance involving the planets or planetary energies, call the Thrones.   Light a green candle to contact the Thrones.
Second sphere are Dominions, Powers, and Virtues.  They are concerned with the governing of specific planets, as well as those angles assigned tasks below them.  These angels flow in an intensity of power.  They also carry out the orders they get from the Angels of the first sphere.
The Dominions fill the role of divine leaders whose efforts involve intergrading the material and spiritual, without losing control. Dominions angels bestow natural leadership and work to ensure that humans are happy, and healthy under that leadership.  They do not approve of corrupt governments, politicians, or church or civic leaders who do not have the best interest of the people at heart.  If you wish to access divine wisdom, ask the Dominions.  They are perfect mediators and arbitrators.  If you are beginning an important project or have come across a glitch in a continuing one, call the Dominions.  Burn a pink candle for the Dominions and a white candle for divinity.   

The Powers
The Powers keep track of human history.  They function as regulators of chaos.  The Powers are the angels of warning and will send messages when someone is out to harm you.  These messages may come in many ways: dreams, feelings or snippets of conversations.  This means you must learn to calm down the inner chatter and listen to what these angels are telling you.  They work through the human sixth sense, accessing it to get you to listen to them.  The Powers are warrior angels.  You can call them when you are in trouble.  The Powers are excellent at ferreting out hidden agendas that are designed to serves only one ego and harm others.  They will assist you whenever you think the proverbial wool covers your eyes.  These angels will defend your home, children, property, or any group of people who call on them for protection and defense.  To reach the Powers, light a white candle for divinity and a yellow candle for the Powers.

The Virtues

The last groups of Angels of the second sphere are the Virtues.  Known as the “Miracle Angels,” these angels bestow grace and valor.  Among the ruling princes of the order are Michael, Raphael, Barbeil, Haniel, Tarshish, Peliel, Sabiel, Uzziel, and Peliel.  The Virtues Angels are very fond of those who try to go beyond their capabilities to achieve more than everyone else says they can.  They love enterprising and positive people who try to enlighten and lead others toward harmony.  The Virtues are the spirits of movement, working, and guiding
the elemental energies that affect our planet.  Earth, air, fire, water, spirit, weather patterns, and planetary upheavals associated with the elements fall under the auspices of the Virtues.  These are the Angels of nature.  When in trouble or working a healing, turn to the Virtues.  When you are sick or scared, call on the Virtues.  Burn an orange candle to reach the Virtues and a white candle for divinity.
Third sphere angels find themselves involved in human affairs, and are considered the angels of the Earth.  They constantly weave in and out of our lives, listening closely to human affairs.  The third sphere angels include the Principalities.  The Archangels, and those simple called the Angels.
The Principalities
The Principalities Angels are the guidance of large groups, such as continents, countries, cities and other human creations on a grand scale.   They work toward global reform.  You will find them in boardrooms and swimming holes, wherever groups of people congregate for learning, decision making, or just for fun.  They too create and funnel positive energies from the physical to the divine and from the divine to the physical.  Protectors of religion, and politics, they watch human leaders to help them make just decisions in human affairs.  The chief ruling angels of this order include Requel, Anael, Cerviel, and Nisroc. 
These angels are often called Princes because of the association with towns, states, provinces, islands, countries, continents, etc.    When the United Nations meet, you can imagine the host of angels that circle around and above these heads of state.
Call on the Principalities in times of discrimination, extinction of animals or people, inadequate rulership of anything from a town to a company, or strength to make wise decisions for these places and inhabitants.  Light a white candle for the divinity and a red candle for the Principalities.

The Archangels belong to one of the other spheres, or choirs, yet they enjoy dealing with humans when they can.  They are the special forces of the angelic realms, used to dealing with the top brass down to the newborn baby.  The Archangels are Raphael, Michael, Gabrielle, and Ariel/Uriel.  

These Angels are assigned to a particular person, your Guardian Angel.  These Angels link themselves to matters of the human and physical manifestation.  They too funnel energies from us to the divine and from the divine to us.  Our guardians are assigned to us through all incarnations on Earth.  They are our best friends and our closet companions.  They are with us at birth, help us, and help us through the transition of death.  They defend us when we are in trouble, help us assimilate into the world; assist us in carrying out our divine plan.  However, they cannot do many of these things if we do not ask for their help.  Human free will is not only our gift, but also sometimes our downfall.  We must learn to open our tight little mouths and talk about our needs and concerns.  Our guardian angels are constantly in touch with all of the angels in the Nine Choirs.  Although all angels can act in a heartbeat, when your problems involve humans, things may go slower than you expect or may not turn out the way you had precisely planned.  When asking the angels for assistance, be sure to keep your heart and mind pure and ask that the best solution for everyone manifest. 
To reach your guardian angel, burn your favorite color candle and a white one for divinity.

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